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Financial policies


Our charges are based on the number and complexity of your problems and reflect the customary fees of physicians in our community.


You will be responsible for all cosmetic procedures fees at the time of your visit. This includes procedures deemed cosmetic by your physician including removal of skin tags, removal of benign moles, and removal of seborrheic keratoses or keratoses. All laser procedures are considered cosmetic unless your physician specifies otherwise. If you subsequently bill your insurance company for a cosmetic procedure and your insurance company erroneously covers the procedure, you are not entitled to reimbursement by our office and we are obligated to notify your insurance company of their error.


Cosmetic surgery procedure fees are due prior to your procedure on the same day and are non-refundable. If the procedure is cancelled by you subsequent to payment, your fee is not refundable; however, the fee amount may be credited toward another procedure that must be completed within 12 months. Rates for cosmetic procedures are available by contacting our Patient Care Coordinator at the office. Special packages, which are more economical than payment per session, are available for patients requiring multiple treatment sessions.

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