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A Hyderabad remedy for hair fall


The Sunday Times, September 19, 2010, page 1.


GROWTH FACTOR SHOTS : A Hyderabad based doctor couple injects growth factor into the scalp to reduce hair fall. Prepared with scientists of IIT Bombay, QR 678 is yet to be patented .Five to eight sessions, costing Rs 5,000 each, of multiple, tiny injections may be needed.
STEM CELL INJECTIONS : A Mumbai doctor delivers injections of stem cells derived from human fatty tissues. Two shots costing Rs 25,000-plus are needed three months apart. The cost jumps four times if a patient wants own stems cell to be harvested.
Says she was miserable after noting massive hair fall. She began taking QR678 shots three months ago and is happy with the ‘extra volume. ”I took the first shot in Singapore when I was told that the drug was imported from Hyderabad”.
Mumbai : It’s a hair-raising claim. Hyderabad-based doctor couple Dr.Debraj Shome and Dr.Rinky Kapoor claim that their home-grown invention, QR 678,could arrest the most stubborn cases of hair fall. Balding could be a thing of past, says Dr Kapoor a dermatologist attached to Apollo Hospital.
According to the duo, their invention called QR 678 entailed four years of research work as it went through various stages of development laboratories of Tata Memorial Hospital, IIT Mumbai and Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad . “If there is no research paper on it yet,” Says Dr.Shome ”it is only because we have still not patented the molecule, which is basically a mix of many growth factors.”
The doctors’700-odd patient pool, each of whom have undergone five to eight shots of Rs 5,000 each has generated much word -of -mouth publicity for the new technique. Indipop singer Anaida is only one of the Celebs from Mumbai who zips across to Charminar city every three weeks for a shot .
Apart from the QR 678, doctors now also offer stem cell therapy to rescue one’s crowning glory.


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