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Out of town patients


Patients from all over India and abroad have traveled seeking Dr. Kapoor’s specialized approach to both surgical and aesthetic dermatology.


If you are a patient interested in treatment, but do not live in our immediate area, our Patient Care Coordinator can arrange for all details, from initial consultation with Dr. Kapoor, to setting procedure dates and all follow up instructions and appointments. Cosmetic patients from outside Mumbai and overseas can have an initial opinion by consulting Dr. Kapoor online via www.mediangels.com. which may assist us in helping to refine which procedures would best address your concern. From there, we can assess how they may benefit from a procedure performed by Dr. Kapoor.


Our Patient Care Coordinators would be happy to discuss any procedure with you.


Almost all procedures including laser treatments are day-care and do not require hospital admission. Hence, patients can come in at their scheduled time, get the procedure done and travel home the very same day. Completely hassle- free travel and lodging and the entire logistics can be arranged through www.myglobalhospital.com. Dr. Kapoor and the entire Esthetic Clinic team is sensitive to the fact that patients are traveling, and strives to make the process of post visits and information flow seamless. Occasionally, in case of requirement of post procedure follow-up wherein out of the city/country patients cannot travel back to visit us again, they may correspond with the clinic and the doctor via email, and get the required advice which will not be charged unless otherwise specified.



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