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Fractional carbon dioxide laser

About The Procedure
How does the laser work?
This novel laser treatment utilizes the principle of fractional photothermolysis by creating multiple small laser puncture holes into the skin thus injuring only a fraction of the skin leaving lots of normal skin surrounding the puncture holes. ABOUT TECHNOLOGY The cells from the normal skin around the holes rapidly repairs the holes and heals the skin. And as a result of this healing process, new collagen is formed and improvements in wrinkles, scars and pigmented spots are seen.
Laser puncture holes
This laser should be used by a trained laser specialist only and it can give the most wonderful results with minimal downtime of just a couple of days.
What conditions may be treated with this laser?
What are the pretreatment preparations?
  • One must discuss one’s expectations from treatment with the doctor.  Sometimes, it may be best combined with other anti-aging techniques like lasers/botox/fillers/face lift etc. A competent cosmetic dermatologist can best judge the ideal combination for a patient depending on the condition of his/her skin and give wonderful results.
  • Avoid suntanning beginning 2-3 weeks before treatment.
  • Plan the treatment in such a way that you do not have a vacation trip, beach holiday etc. for the next few weeks after the procedure since the skin becomes sun sensitive after the laser procedure and dark skinned patients must be more careful to avoid post laser pigmentation from setting in.
What happens during and after treatment?
You will experience mild pricks on the skin when the procedure is being done, which is generally done under the numbing effect of anesthetic creams applied an hour before the treatment. The laser procedure lasts for about 20-30 minutes generally, with the duration varying with the condition and area being treated. Thereafter, some burning sensation is experienced on the skin that will last between 60 minutes and 6 hours on the first day. If you have discomfort, take a pain killer. Cold compress over the treatment site will also help.Video of Fractional carbon dioxide laser
There is redness and mild swelling expected on the skin for the next 3-4 days, though it may not be remarkable in some patients. Except for the above changes in the skin, and following sun protection measures as advised by the doctor, there is no restriction of daily routine activities, no pre or post treatment hospitalization required, and you may resume work from the next day. A sun tanned appearance with dryness of the skin and tiny scabbed dots may be visible on the skin for the next 3-4 days, and the skin may feel like sandpaper to touch.
Make up can be used after the scabs have fallen off. Intense treatments may take longer for recovery. The doctor will prescribe a mild cleanser, sunscreen and moisturiser for skin care over the next few weeks.
Your skin is extremely vulnerable to the sun after laser treatment. Protecting your skin and limiting sun exposure ensures best cosmetic results.Over the following weeks or months, the skin repairs the deeper dermal tissues that have been affected by the laser treatment, producing longer beneficial results associated with a healthier more youthful appearance.
Immediately after treatment        2 days after treatment
What are the post treatment precautions?
  • The doctor will prescribe a mild cleanser, sunscreen and moisturiser for skin care over the next few weeks.
  • Your skin is extremely vulnerable to the sun after laser treatment. Protecting your skin and limiting sun exposure ensures best cosmetic results Avoid prolonged sun exposure for 2 months. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen of spf 30 or higher everyday which also offers UVA protection.
  • Follow the regimen of creams etc. prescribed by the doctor for maintainence and improvement of results.
What are the number of treatments and treatment schedule?
The procedure may require 1-2 or a couple of sessions, depending on the indication and severity of the skin problem, to achieve the desired results, and, may need annual maintainence skin care regimen or sessions to preserve the benefits if used for skin rejuvenation.
What are the potential side effects of treatment?
It is a safe laser in the hands of a trained expert.
Rare adverse effects include: Discomfort, redness, swelling, blistering, scarring, pigmentary changes. Post laser hyper pigmentation may occur in 5-10% of cases .and may take several months to clear. Sun avoidance may help to reduce the risk of this complication.


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